On Video/Audio

Underneath this section you’ll find quick links or clips to just a few of the many travel related videos or radio and television shows John has planned, anchored, hosted, narrated or been interviewed in over the last few years.

The TravellingMan associates’ experience in travel video and photography is very wide indeed. Our producers, directors, editors, camera, sound and light experts will create really great material to suit your purpose – see more information on our video and photography service in the ‘Travel Video and Photography’ section of our Consultancy page

Recent test flight of new Spark drone over Lake Lucerne:

Insight Vacations 2017

OpenJaw Interview – Canada

Luxury Gold 2017

Changing Tourism in Egypt – below clip from a Peter Greenberg report 2016

CT Pro Magazine Facebook Live

Packing Tips

Know Before You Go

5 Secrets of a Great Vacation

The Vasari Corridor 

Radio Interview SAfm – S.Africa

Fast-Track Booking

Credits/Links: Insight Vacations, PeterGreenberg.com, WeSaidGoTravel, Open Jaw, SAfm, CT Pro Mag.