Road to Apulia 2

You will recall our family adventures thus far on our summer journey to the south of Italy (see Road to Apulia 1 if you don’t). Well, from hereon-in our tale steps up a pace as we get down to the business of our Puglia vacation proper. It’s 09.30 in the morning and it has been a … More Road to Apulia 2

…and now, Barcelona.

As the sickening news unfolded yesterday, and then through the night as the incident expanded, the world seemed to be heaving a collective sigh of resignation amid the shouts of outrage. Another beautiful city and its wonderful people caught up in a modern-day madness perpetrated by seriously misguided individuals. As the internal email of reassurance … More …and now, Barcelona.

Road to Apulia 1

As CEO of a major tour operator,  I took few summer holidays over the last 20 years. My responsibilities were across the business, so from May through October I worked closely with our teams as we knuckled down on the tough but intoxicating mix of developing and finalising the following year’s programs: the routes, guest experiences, final accommodation … More Road to Apulia 1

Smoke on the water

I’ve always been a bit rock ‘n’ roll at heart. The golden era of Disco in the 1970s saw me spinning records for my first entrepreneurial venture, a bona fide mobile disco replete with strobe, coloured floods and liquid oil wheel lighting. Each week I bought four or five new singles (or 45s as we called them … More Smoke on the water

Robots at dawn

So I just read yesterday that Google is funding a new software project that will automate the writing of local news. Hmm. As a newly signed up blogger and, ahem, travel writer, I thought to myself: ‘John, you’ve got really poor instincts when it comes to timing; just as you launch ‘Travelling Man’, along comes a … More Robots at dawn

Travelling well

Oh for the days when ‘jet travel’ meant ‘exotic’, ‘style’ and ‘fast’. In terms of air-speed, since the demise of Concorde we’ve not moved forward one iota, your average plane still trundles along at around 400-500 knots (about 550mph), as it did in 1960. The truth today is that a flight feels less of a pleasure … More Travelling well